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  Resolvent of flooding HC Rotary Blower:
1.Pump the blower house dry.
2.How to deal with the motor?
   Disassemble the motor from the base, open the front plate and back plate, take the rotors out, screw the end-plate screws into the holes at both ends of the stator,then stand the stator up and insolate it for 12 hours, and after the insolation, use a megger to test its resistance. If the resistance is lower than 20 megohm, please insolate the stator again to reach the index.
3.Treatment of Blower body
   Pull the oil return pipe out from the base, discharge the oil and water in blower body and air chamber, take the air filter off and use your hand to rotate the blower pulley for ten revolutions in forward direction. And after that oil the blower inlet with 5 l of 68 # oil slowly and at the same time continuously rotate the blower pulley in forward direction to discharge all the oil.
4.Treatment of the oil sump
   Use a spanner to remove oil sight glass, then remove the oil filter, after that incline the base and discharge the waste oil in oil sump and clean it by fresh oil. Finally, assemble the blower with oil filter, oil return pipe, air filter, oil the sump up to 3/4 degree and tighten the oil sight glass by spanner. (Must use spanner to tighten the sight glass to avoid air leak)
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