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HC Rotary Blower
Roots Blower
 Indigenous roots blower
  ├ BK Roots Blower
  ├ BKW 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BKD 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BZ 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BK-DS Roots Blower
 Imported Anlet Blower
  ├ BE 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BH 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BSW 3-lobe Roots Blower
Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers
High-speed Centrifugal Blower
MVR Compressor
Vacuum Pump
Water Pump
   We are specializing in the manufacture and assembly of HC rotary blowers, BK/BE/BSW/BH/ED series roots blowers, vacuum pumps, BG series screens, submersible pumps and accessories. In the main cities of China, we have set up our own sales offices to market these products. Now, the blowers’ parts and accessories we produced are also exported to overseas market. Our various kinds of blowers are of wide applications to meet the demands of different customers.   
The HC rotary blowers of low noise and high performance can satisfy most customers’ needs, especially suitable for the uptowns or similar places with restrictive stipulation for the noise. This kind of blower is of outstanding performance, and 1 million sets have been used in foreign countries. Pressure range: 0.15kgf/cm2~0.5kgf/cm2  Flowrate range: 0.28m3/min~5.41m3/min.
   The BE/BH/BSW three-lobe roots blowers are assembled in local with the Anlet made main body. Anlet made main body. The technical performance of such assembled packages reaches to the data specified by Anlet. Pressure scope of BE/BH is 0.1~0.6kgf/cm2 while BSW is 0.1~1.0kgf/cm2 , and capacity scope is 0.86~238m3/min.
  The BK high precision three-lobe roots blowers are invested by USA TUTHILL GROUP and us. Such new type blowers are produced by advanced USA techniques and imported CNC.  Pressure range: 0.1~0.8kgf/cm2 Flowrate range: 0.96~46.4m3/min.
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