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  Roots Blower
HC Rotary Blower
Roots Blower
 Indigenous roots blower
  ├ BK Roots Blower
  ├ BKW 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BKD 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BZ 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BK-DS Roots Blower
 Imported Anlet Blower
  ├ BE 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BH 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BSW 3-lobe Roots Blower
Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers
High-speed Centrifugal Blower
MVR Compressor
Vacuum Pump
Water Pump

 Operating Principle:
The blower is of displacement type, and sends a fixed amount of air in proportion to its rotation speed. With the three-lobed rotors, the two rotors make three intake and exhaust cycles per revolution. Because the air has less pulse compared with the two-lobed type, fluctuations in load, noise and vibration are small. While the two three-lobed rotors mounted on two parallel shafts maintain only a very small clearance between themselves and the inner surfaces of the oval casing operation chamber and between each other, they are driven by timing gears, moving a fixed volume of the air enclosed by the casing and rotors from the intake side to the output side. The blower is free of Internal lubrication. And its simple design, easy handling, and stable performance make a wide range of applications possible. 

 Features of 3-lobe Roots Blower: 
● The three-lobe design and reasonable inlet and outlet structure offers a lower noise and small vibration.
● The rotor and shaft have been combined as a single unit with no wear, the performance of the blower is stalbe, permitting long-term continuous operation.
● Large useful cubage, high volume efficiency speed, compact structure and variable installation
● The bearings of reasonable type with average durability prolong blower’s life. 
● The oil seals made of imported fluorubber offers excellent heat-resistance, wear-restistance and long using life.
● The blowers are of various types possible for different applications.
 To Select Blowers of You Need :(To select a proper blower of certain application, please take the following points into consideration: )
Usage Blowing use or vacuum use 
Gas Handled Gas variety, status, temperature 
With or without corrosiveness and explosiveness 
State the proportion of gas formation and the molecular weight if handle mixed gas 
Pressure Unit: kgf/cm2,mmH2O,mmHg,Pa, etc.
Difference between gauge pressure and absolute pressure 
With or without back pressure 
Air Capacity Unit: m3/min
Differences among Reference Condition (N:0oC, 1 standard atmosphere pressure), Standard Condition (S:20oC,1 standard atmosphere pressure), and inlet condition 
Location Outdoor or indoor
Surrounding temperature, with or without dangerous
Motor Model No, output, poles 
Driving Type Coupling or v-belt 
Others Temperature of cooling water
Operating time
Whether in need of accessories or spare parts 
Painting colour

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