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  Water Pump
HC Rotary Blower
Roots Blower
 Indigenous roots blower
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 Imported Anlet Blower
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  ├ BSW 3-lobe Roots Blower
Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers
High-speed Centrifugal Blower
MVR Compressor
Vacuum Pump
Water Pump
● Automatic Pumps
Tsurumi Automatic pumps have an integral control circuit and two float switches operated at low voltages. The automatic pumps are indicated by the symbol, A, added to the series name in the model code. They are available in all sizes of the series.
● Automatic Alternation Pumps
Tsurumi also offers automatic alternation pumps for dual automatic operations using two pumps at a time. Just combine an ordinary automatic pump (2 floats) to an automatic alternation pump (3 floats). This enables the two pumps to operate alternately without control panel. The automatic alternation pumps are identified by the symbol, W, added to the series name in the model code. They are available in the same output ranges as those of the ordinary automatic models.
● Motor
Dry, squirrel-cage induction motor secured in a watertight stainless steel case. Class E insulation is provided. The pump is usable at an ambient temperature of not higher than 40°C.

● Motor protector
Every PU-series pump is equipped with a circle thermal protector which directly cuts the motor circuitry in case of an excessive heat buildup in the motor or an over-current caused by some electrical or mechanical failure. (*CTP, an auto-cut self-reset thermal overload protector)

● Mechanical seal
All PU-series pumps are furnished with a dual inside mechanical seal made of silicon carbide. The seal is located in an oil chamber completely outside the drainage so as to eliminate:
— a spring failure, due to corrosion, abrasion or fouling, which can prevent the seal faces from closing properly and/or
— the loss of cooling effects on the bottom seal faces under dry run conditions, which can cause a bottom seal failure.

● Impeller
A vortex impeller is installed in the upper section of the pump casing. The impeller, coupled with a large passage in the casing, allows the pump to handle coarse solids up to 35 mm in grain diameter.

● Oil lifter Every pump except 0.15kW has a built-in Oil Lifter designed to stabilize the mechanical seal function by efficiently supplying the lubricant to the seal even if it drops to below the rated level. This amazingly simple device turns otherwise wasted energy into an additional protection effect for the seal and extends both seal life and maintenance intervals.

● Back pull-out design
Unfastening the bolts between the oil casing and the upper pump casing allows the body to be separated into the pump section and the motor section with the impeller left in position. This facilitates inspections of the main portions. The pump section can be disassembled/reassembled using a larger Philips screw driver.
Cabtyre Cable ( Single-Phase )
Code Pcs/unit Corsexmm2 Dia.mm Material
a 1 3×1.25 10.1 PVC Sheath

Code Pcs/unit Corsexmm2 Dia.mm Material
A 1 4×1.25 11.1 PVC Sheath


WQ series submersible pump

  1. Adopting CFD technology and being more efficiency
  2. Taking unique mechanical seal pattern and bearing structure for more reliable.
  3. Being compact structure with small volume and light weight, and easier for daily maintenance.
  4. Being submersible working, so it is low noise.

WQ series submersible sewage pumps are mainly allocated to projects of municipal administration ,buildings,industral emission of sewage,hotels,hospital,civil air defense,mining area .etc., which are used to emit sewage with solid as well as fiber with long figure waste water rain and water for city life

Work conditions:

  1. the tempreture of medium should not exceed 40℃.and the density can’t be larger than 1200Kg/m3 with PH value between 5 and 9.
  2. the bottom line of operation should follow the drawing of installation, “with motor cooling system or without motor cooling system”.
  3. specified voltage: 380V,specified frequency:50Hz. Under the circumstance of specified voltage and specified frequency does the electrical machinery run good.
  4. the largest diameter of solid passing through pumps should not fail to half the diameter of pump exit or even less.

Performance chart:

YYO/YYOW series single stage double sunction centrifugal pump
YYO/YYOW series pump is widely applied in tap water factory、water supply for airconditioner、architecture、irrigation、station of pump for waster water emission、power station、industry water supply system、fire fighting、shipping and such situation for liquid transportation.
Discharge dia.: DN 80-800mm
Flux: Q≤11600m^3/h
Pressure; H≤200m
Work temperature: T≤105℃
Solid pellet size; ≤80mg/l

  1. Being compact structure with linetype design、exquisite appearance and well stability, also easy for maintenance.
  2. Optimized double suction impeller to minimize the axial force and to be excellent waterpower performance, also work smoothly.
  3. Precision casting of cylinder with smooth inner and out surface for resisting eroding and being high efficiency.
  4. Adopting excellent bearing for smooth working、low noise and long serve life.
  5. Mechanical seal and stuffing are all available.
  6. Being no need for adjusting when mounting with horizontal and vertical type, only according to the local condition.

Performance chart:

YYG series centrifugal pump
YYG、series pump, which can feeding clean water or water with approximate chemical & physical characteristic with the clean water below 105℃, is widely used in daily water supply、fire protection water supply and increase pressure、airconditioner system、and any other medium without eroded. Its impeller is assembled on the extended shaft in motor, so it works smoothly, and maintains easily, especially saves area (save 30% compared with normal vertical pump).
Work condition:
Flow: 2-1400m^3/h
Pressure: 3-135
Speed: 2900rpm, 1440rpm, 980 or 740rpm
Highest working pressure: 1.6Mpa
Medium temperature:-15℃-120℃
Ambient temperature: below 40℃
Item of protection: IP54 or IP55
Insulation grade: B、F
Performance chart:

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