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Brief Introduction of D type Multi-stage Centrifugal Blower
D type Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers are widely applied to sewage treatment, smelting furnace, coal preparation plant, mine floatation, chemical gas, vacuum industry, and other gas conveying, etc.

1. Compact structure, elegant appearance, high stability, convenient installation and maintenance
2. Smooth operation
Minimum axial force ensured by well-designed impellers, stable running promised by the altitude corrected and dynamic and static balanced impellers, bearing vibration ≤ 0.04mm even without vibration-damping device.
3. Low noise
No mechanical friction occurs in blower running, and noise is controlled by reasonable vane curve. The noise of multi-stage centrifugal blower is of high-frequency kind so that it can be insulated if any obstacle exists, and nearly no noise will be heard outside a blower enclosure.
4. Oil-free Blower
Grease lubrication is adopted for blower bearings, while the bearing life is more than two years. No oil gas occurs during operation. For special application, molybdenum disulfide lithium grease is taken into use for bearing lubrication.
5. Impeller
Impeller is featured with special composite linear to reduce internal leakage and improve volumetric efficiency.
6. Easy to be adjusted
Inlet flow is adjusted by butterfly valve at inlet, while pressure is adjusted by butterfly at outlet.
7. Driving type
Driven by asynchronous motor, different voltage motors available according to the requirements of different power grid.
8. Sealing
Inlet rings are equipped for impeller of every stage, and labyrinth seals are set between stages and at the two ends of housing for preventing gas leakage.
9. Cooling
Two cooling structures designed for exhaust bearing pedestal: air cooling and water cooling
Because of the impeller sequential compression of gas, the temperature of outlet housing is much higher than the inlet housing, so the air and water cooling device is set for exhaust bearing pedestal for long bearing using life.
10. Bearing temperature alarm
Temperature control box equipped, which will automatically alarm when the bearing temperature exceeds the set temperature through PT 100 connection with the bearing.
11. Connection mode
Blower and motor connected by coupling, other connection methods available according to different technique requirements.

Illustration of Blower Model:

How to choose suitable blowers? (specifications with * are essential)
1. * inlet flow                 2. *discharge pressure
3. inlet temperature (highest)   4. inlet pressure (local atmospheric pressure)

〈Specifications shall be considered for sewage water treatment application〉
5. depth of water      6. aerator resistance      7. piping and connection loss

Main specifications:?
Inlet flow: 20~250 m3/min
Discharge pressure: 1000-10000mmH2O
Vacuum: -800--5000 mmH2O

Scope of supply
1、main body: centrifugal blower body
2、accessories: motor, public base, mounting bolts and nuts, inlet silencer filter, and inlet manual butterfly valve
3、optional parts: outlet silencer, outlet butterfly valve (manual or electric type), air release valve, release silencer, taper pipe, flexible joint, check valve, bend, blower sound-proof enclosure and rain cover for out-door application.
4、control system: Y-delta starting cabinet, auto step-down start panel, soft starter start panel, frequency conversion cabinet and PLC control cabinet

Performance Curve

Structure Drawing

Impeller Picture

Technical Parameter Sheet

Dimension Drawing D20-60

Dimension Drawing D70-110

Dimension Drawing D120-160

Dimension Drawing D180-250

Brief Introduction of E type High-pressure Blower
E type high-pressure blower, a small type blower, mainly used in steel, cement, sewage treatment, gas transfer, aquiculture and other industries, featured with high pressure, high efficiency and low noise less than 80 dB.
Operation data: air flow 5-40N m3/min,pressure 19.6-49Kpa

Technical Parameter Sheet

Brief Introduction of Vacuum Blower
Multi-stage structure, mainly applied to electronic components factories mating for dedusters
Operation data: 10-200CMM, vacuum 1000-3000mmAq

Technical Parameter Sheet

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