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  High-speed Centrifugal Blower
HC Rotary Blower
Roots Blower
 Indigenous roots blower
  ├ BK Roots Blower
  ├ BKW 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BKD 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BZ 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BK-DS Roots Blower
 Imported Anlet Blower
  ├ BE 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BH 3-lobe Roots Blower
  ├ BSW 3-lobe Roots Blower
Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers
High-speed Centrifugal Blower
MVR Compressor
Vacuum Pump
Water Pump

Performance Features
1. Excellent pneumatic performance
Air capacity scope: 30~300m3/min
Pressure scope: 0~0.07MPa
Semi-closed and mixed-flow type 3D impellers adopted, air flow out obliquely and gently without air vortex for less flow loss.
2. Energy efficiency
Adjusted by inlet vane, plain blower unit efficiency curve. High energy efficiency achieved even under non-designed operation.
3. GD2 of impeller is small due to 30%40% smaller external diameter of the impeller than other common centrifugal blowers.
4. Compact structure, less floor space
Single-stage, entire integrated structure of base and oil sump, less floor space, and lighter weight all are convenient for installation.
Without maintenance need for a long time in absence of sliding parts, easy maintenance ensured by simple structure and lighter weight.

Conclusion after Operation
1. The most Striking feature of GS blower is energy efficiency.
From Mar. 1, 2009, we have started trial running of one blower (Model: GS160) in Qiting Sewage Treatment Plant.
Comparing with two roots blowers each of capacity 80m3/min and motor power 132kW operated before, every month 30000 RMB has been saved after use of GS Single-stage High-speed Centrifugal Blower, though it is not at full load operation.
2. Safer and More Convenient
Controlled full-automatically with every breakdown recorded, more convenient for operator
3. Low noise

Main Specifications

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